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Ground screws

Ground screws are a viable alternative to traditional concrete foundations. Their technical concept along with excellent work guarantee a long lifetime. We also pay special attention to high-quality surface treatment carried out by hot-dip galvanization.

Stability of the foundations and required load are ensured by used materials and sturdy construction of our ground screws. Their static load capacities are calculated with respect to ordinary soil; permissible load is always determined by a tensile test. The reliability of our technology is best shown by the projects we have completed since 2009.
APLEG ground screws are registered as utility models and industrial designs at the Industrial Property Office.

Strength capacity of the APLEG SCREW with nominal diameter of 76mm installed into moderate coherent gravel soil
Compression axial capacity
Tension axial capacity
Horizontal capacity
 900 12,0 21,0 6,0
1300 21,0 36,0 9,1
1500 26,6 45,6 10,6
1800 29,3 49,3 12,9
2300 34,1 56,1 16,7
2500 38,6 63,6 18,2